BIG LOVE for radio and podcast support 

We are thrilled that our new release, Trouble, has been broadcast on different online radio stations and podcasts. It's great to discover more people that like Trouble (we aren't tired of that joke yet!) and to find out that people appreciate the laid back, acoustic, dreamy vibe of our music. We've had some awesome feedback from a range of musicians and fans and it's been super positive. When people really 'get' a track, at a gut level its an awesome feeling. 

I would like to personally thank Xtended radio, Matt Barker @MattBarkerradio, the PodCast of Jeff @PodCastofJeff and Peter Englefield @leedspete. We are really looking forward to Trouble being played on WigWarm Radio and Music With Matt in South Africa, later this month. 

It's been awesome to meet other bands and artists that have been featured in the same podcasts. I particularly enjoyed the music of Artbreakk of South London and Guiville on @PodCastofJeff . Check these guys out they are awesome. I also really enjoyed listening to Julie McGreer who hails from Canada and is quite the songstress. 

It's been a fun summer and we can't thank our supporters enough for the encouragement on Twitter and SoundCloud. So let's just send you a little more love for the road. 

Most of my ideas for songs come to me in the shower or the kitchen 

Sometimes people ask me if my songs are autobiographical. The short answer is that mostly not. I sometimes feel a bit like a writer of short stories. In the song Ashes and Roses See   the story is about a woman who has had a great heart break- losing the love of her life whilst she was pregnant, "his seed still inside". We initially called the main character Eve and then took that out when it didn't seem to fit with the other lyrics in the song. I had the idea for Ashes and Roses song whilst I was dozing in bed at about 6am and then developed the melody whilst I was having a shower that morning (at a less ridiculously early time!). I really into the emotion of the song, it's probably one of the saddest songs I've written and I could imagine being the shoes of Eve when songwriting. Ashes and Roses was a collaboration with a few other musicians outside of Mia Pearl and so has a different style to some of my other songs. A lot of new song ideas I get when I'm in bed, or in the shower or in the kitchen. On Sunday I was sitting in the kitchen and had a new flow of new song ideas..Some good, some dodgy, some exciting...I like to wait and see which melodies stick in my head or which I just really freaking like to know which ones to work to develop into a full song. It usually just starts with a melody in the shower or the kitchen. Really.   

End of the Summer Studio Sessions  

The end of the English summer is coming. Leaves are turning brown, and blackberries are covering bushes in the countryside. And, whilst the weather is lovely, It's been great to be in the studio and work on a new song. The new play is Water Chorus. Matt and I wrote this song a while ago. I was inspired by the river in Oxford the Isis, which is beautiful all year round. I was also inspired by the way that relationships ebb and flow, good times and bad times. And how love can be healing and good for the soul in the same ways that hanging out by the river is. Or I find it to be!
The production of this song has been a little different to my other songs, whilst it still has an acoustic feel, it's also got an ambient, watery vibe. Various plug ins to Logic Pro have helped create these effects. I've been inspired by both Bjork and Boards of Canada, in terms of the ambient nature of the song, and choice of subs.

The song will be mixed and mastered soon and I'm really excited to share it with you. Thanks for the support on Twitter, it's really been an awesome summer in many ways.